When time is of the essence and you need a qualified, caring person to play with and care for your children while you’re away, we are ready!

We keep your preferences and information on file so that, after your first reservation, all it takes is a quick text to line up a sitter for next time.  What could be easier?


Prioritize your relationship by putting it on the calendar. We've been called the ``Fairy Godmothers of Date Night.``


When your child is sick, but missing work is not an option.


Homework help, pick-up, drop-off, practices, sports, and dinner. We can help!

I always use this service when my regular babysitter falls through. Just today, the owner Amy was able to get someone wonderful to my house with just 1 hour notice -- and it was a Sunday morning! The sitters are always prompt and capable, showing up with their own bag of toys. I highly recommend this service to visitors and local families too.


La Jolla

I have been using Marion's Childcare every time I have needed a sitter for my 3 children over the past 3 1/2 years. I have never once been told no one was available and I have never been disappointed! Each time we think we have our favorite sitter ever the next one from Amy's confuses us because she's so great too! They all care so much about giving the children a fun, interactive evening- they show up with activities and enthusiasm! This is not your typical childcare. Getting a sitter from Marion's is a special treat for parents and kids!!


Del Mar

Since the first time I asked for a babysitter, Amy understood my needs and what kind of person I was looking for and she provided the perfect ladies for my two children.
They are reliable, amazing, affectionate and came with toys and games for my kids!
I have been using them for one year.
Amy is wonderful, lovely, kind, accommodating and helpful.
I high recommend Marion's Childcare.


Rancho Bernardo

I highly recommend Marions Childcare. We starting using the service 6 years ago when my sister got married at a local hotel, and we're so happy we have continued using them. Donna is warm and trustworthy. She comes with a suitcase of appropriate games and toys for the kids for a fun and educational time. They love when she comes over, and we are fortunate to have her in our lives. Nobody does it better.


San Diego

Rates & Policies


$20 for 1-2 children
$22 for 3-4 children


$25 for up to 4 children

(age restrictions may apply)


Cash payment
Four-hour minimum
Parking, booking, or transportation charges may apply
Caregivers gratefully accept gratuities


We require three hours notice for cancellations.  Cancellations within three hours of the requested start time will be billed $25.00.  Cancellations within one hour of the start time will be billed the full four-hour minimum.

What Our Clients Say


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