Babysitting Tips and Tricks

Babysitting Tips and Tricks

Edible Play Dough by Roshel Chambers (A Marion’s Caregiver)

– A fun surprise for kids is edible play dough! It is simple to make, and can help a child express their creativity. My recipe is not like most edible play dough recipes found on Pinterest, but this play dough is more of a fun dessert. All you need is a white cake mix, icing, and food coloring. Most of these items can be purchased at a dollar store, or/and local grocery store. Once the cake has been baked, crumble it up in a bowl. Next, gradually add in icing until it forms a consistency similar to a mushy, yet moldable dough. Food coloring can then be added for extra pops of color. Now all they need is imagination. They can pretend to be chefs and make different “foods” with their play dough, mix colors together, or pretend to be a sculptor and make cool shapes and designs with it. When they are done, they can taste their masterpiece. Just make sure to remind them not all play dough is edible. 😉 –

Thank you, Roshel!  This seems like a super fun idea to implement when babysitting at a home, or for you moms, when the kids are on a school break.  It might get a bit messy in the hotel room, so we suggest placing towels down to help with the clean up, and always checking with the parents to make sure it’s ok, and no one has a food allergy!

We also found a quick and simple video for you on YouTube for another easy edible recipe.

Let us know if you try any of them out!