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We Are In A Book by Mo Willems – Children’s Book Review by Caregiver Jackie LewisWe Are in a Book! | San Diego Babysitting

I first heard about this book when I started subbing for local schools many years ago.  A librarian read it to our class, and the kids LOVED it. As a substitute teacher, I thought that this would be great book to keep on hand, and it has proven to be just as useful as a caregiver.

The book is about an elephant and a pig that realize they are the subjects of a book, and the reader is reading a story about themselves!  They realize this, and then panic and become sad, knowing the book will end eventually. With humor and a fun twist, this book makes all kids laugh and smile, and usually they ask to read it again and again.  That is the sign of a well loved book!  Because the book is different from any other children’s books I’ve read, it grips the kid’s attention, and they are interested the entire way through.  It is a great book for beginning readers, but I’ve found that older children appreciate the story just as much.

The perspective told by Gerald the elephant, and Piggie the pig is fairly clever as they realize what is going on. Real-life kids, both inside and outside my classroom, have all LOVED it.  It has been awarded the Geisel Award, and is extremely popular.  Some kiddos say they have read it before, but they always always want to read it again. It’s a great resource to take out of your caregiver bag as the parents are leaving.  It will engage the children, build their vocabulary,  and bring comfort to the parents. I highly recommend buying on Amazon for around $6. Click on the title above for a non-affliliate link.

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