Emily B

Emily-BHi! My name is Emily, and I look forward to meeting you and your family. As a nursing student I have been able to work with various pediatric patients this year and have fallen in love! One of my favorite things about working with children is being able to see the growth and development that occurs each day and the differences among individuals. I am from Indiana where I spent my summers nannying and babysitting for my church community. I enjoy hiking, spending time outdoors, cooking, reading, or any other fun activities.

Rates & Policies


$20 for 1-2 children
$22 for 3-4 children


$25 for up to 4 children

(age restrictions may apply)


Cash payment
Four-hour minimum
Parking, booking, or transportation charges may apply
Caregivers gratefully accept gratuities


We require three hours notice for cancellations.  Cancellations within three hours of the requested start time will be billed $25.00.  Cancellations within one hour of the start time will be billed the full four-hour minimum.

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