Entertaining Kids When the Weather is Bad

Every parent has heard the song of “I’m bored!” coming from their kids on a rainy or cold day. When the weather is bad enough to keep everyone stuck indoors, it takes a little imagination to entertain them. After all, you are competing against television and video games. Lucky for you, we have more than few suggestions for fun, indoor activities that will get you through even the rainiest of days.

Art Projects

Do you have a future Van Gogh in the family? Encourage their artistic talents with these fun-filled projects and activities. Art and creativity are so important for a child’s development. It helps them develop problem solving skills and boosts their confidence. It even helps build math and science skills as they practice making patterns and experiment with colors. Try these fun art projects to inspire your kids.

  • Find online drawing tutorials that teach children how to refine their artistic skills and draw more complex figures.  
  • Break out the coloring books. They encourage mindfulness and focus while providing an opportunity for you to socialize with your kids.  
  • Use old magazines, scraps of paper, and whatever other materials you can find around the house to make collages.  
  • Make three dimensional art with cardboard, toothpicks, and other found materials.  
  • Tie-dye t-shirts, bed linens, or any other fabric you want to breathe new and funky life into.  
  • Make homemade playdough and use it to create their very own sculptures.

Themed Lesson Plans

Kids love discovering new things, you just have to frame it in a way to appeal to their interests. Every kid has a “thing,” whether it be a sport they play, a favorite school subject, a special movie, or an animal they personally connect to. Whatever your child’s “thing” is, tap into it to create a lesson plan they’ll love.

  • Is the family pup your child’s best friend? Dog-themed lesson plans teach them about animal welfare, civics, and more. 
  • If your kid dreams of traveling the world, pick a country and spend the day learning about its culture, food, music, and more.  
  • Kids that are movie connoisseurs will fall head over heels for Disney-themed lesson plans.
  • If they look forward to science class in school, set up an at-home experiment that will pique their curiosity. This make-your-own “lava” project can be done with simple ingredients you already have in the kitchen.

Online Exercise Videos

If your kids can’t sit still long enough to paint a picture or learn about another country, help them get the wiggles out by introducing them to an interactive exercise video. You can find all kinds online using sites like YouTube. Join in on the fun to reap the benefits of exercise yourself.

  • Little kids love playing pretend while building muscle and dexterity with animal crawl exercises. 
  • Dance videos teach kids coordination to the tune of their favorite songs. Learning a new dance also improves their abilities to follow directions.   
  • Kickboxing videos are great for cardio while appealing to your child’s inner ninja.  
  • Aerobics may have had its heyday in the 80s, but the combination of dance and strength work still appeal to active kids.  


When the weather is bad outside, it’s easy for kids to sit in front of the television all day while their brains rot. Don’t take the easy route– put in a little effort and imagination to turn an indoor day into one that actually contributes to their overall development. Activities like art projects, themed lesson plans, and exercise videos online stimulate children’s minds and bodies for healthy indoor play.

– Jenny Wise created Special Home Educator as a forum for sharing her adventures in homeschooling and connecting with other homeschooling families.

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