The Grand Del Mar

A Review by Jessica G. and Shannon C.

The Grand Del Mar

As you drive up to The Grand Del Mar take note of the large outdoor grassy play area on your right. This will be the setting for your 2-3 hours of large motor activities, perfect for rambunctious kids who have cabin fever. Bring a ball light enough to hit with a bat, but big enough to kick for a variety of games. An inflatable beach ball would be perfect and conserves space. For the younger kids, have some bubbles on hand and play a game of pop the bubbles. Bring other plastic lawn games like horse shoes. Get out your SmartPhone timer and time the kids doing relay races. With all the activity, you’ll want to grab some water bottles from the room before you head out. Take a breather and a snack break by walking up the small hill to the large flat concrete area where the white adirondack chairs are housed. After fueling up, break out the sidewalk chalk for a game of hopscotch. Take advantage of the flat area by including some age appropriate large puzzles in your bag. To top it off video tape the kids rolling down the hill with your phone and send it to the children’s parents. As you head back to the hotel room, make sure you have a few pennies in your pocket so the kids can make a wish as they toss them into the fountain. Back at the hotel, include books for some quieter activities.

If you’re working at the Grand Del Mar and the parents are fine with you taking their children out of the room the horses down at the stables are always a big hit! There are plenty to look at and sometimes you can even see people riding them! It’s free, it’s fun, and it gets you a little exercise too!

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