San Diego is a wonderful, family-friendly town with many activities to keep everyone busy! When the kids are tired or you need some grown-up time, Marion’s Childcare is known for the highest-quality childcare providers, just when and where you need them.


Explore San Diego's restaurant choices and spend some quality time with your spouse.


Our providers can care for your child during your meetings, night or day.


Kid-free reception? No problem. Our caregiver will put your child to bed in the comfort of your hotel room.


Marion's Childcare is a long-standing affiliate member of the San Diego Concierge Association, and we have enthusiastic supporters among our city's finest concierges.

“I LOVE Marion’s Childcare so much and thank them from the bottom of my heart for providing the most trusted babysitters in the world to care for the children of our hotel guests! I have been using Marion’s Childcare for the past 10 years. I will never use anyone else.


Concierge, US Grant Hotel

Marion’s Childcare such an institution of great child care service. I have been a concierge for over twelve years, and Marion’s has always been the constant. With so many companies coming and going, Marion’s Childcare is the agency I rely on. When parents at the resort request child care service, the first person who comes to mind is Amy Gray of Marion’s Childcare. She leads an amazing group that really take care of your loved ones. As a concierge, guests look to us to recommend a service that is dependable, caring, and safe. In all the years I have called and used Marion’s, they have always been reliable. I do not like to take chances when it comes to well being of families, and that’s why I feel very confident in Marion’s services. To me there is no one else.


Concierge, Coronado Island Marriott Resort & Spa

I’ve worked with Marion’s Child Care for many years and have received nothing but wonderful reviews from my guests. I know that many of my colleagues at most of the major hotels in San Diego also use Marion’s because they have such a great reputation. They are always accommodating, have a wonderful group of sitters, and are great at matching the right sitter to the child. They also have a great web site which is very user-friendly. I feel confident in referring any of my guests to Marion’s Childcare, knowing they will be in the best hands.


Concierge, The Lodge at Torrey Pines

Rates & Policies


$20 for 1-2 children
$22 for 3-4 children


$25 for up to 4 children

(age restrictions may apply)


Cash payment
Four-hour minimum
Parking, booking, or transportation charges may apply
Caregivers gratefully accept gratuities


We require three hours notice for cancellations.  Cancellations within three hours of the requested start time will be billed $25.00.  Cancellations within one hour of the start time will be billed the full four-hour minimum.

What Our Clients Say


Create lasting memories of your San Diego vacation by planning for beach portraits. Owner and director Amy Gray is also an accomplished family photographer.


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