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Can you take our child into the pool?

DisneylandApril-87472_FBYes, with prior notice we can absolutely take a trip to the hotel pool.  Many of our caregivers enjoy going in the water, and others can carefully supervise older, water-safe children by the edge of the pool.  If you would like us to take your child or children to the pool, just let us know ahead of time so that our caregiver can plan accordingly.

What about meals while we're out?

There are several options for meals.  Most frequently, guests order pizza to be delivered to the room, ask us to take the children to the hotel restaurant, or give us permission to order room service and charge it to the room.  Your consideration of the caregiver at mealtimes is much appreciated but not required, of course, and they will be conservative in their choices.

Is a gratuity expected?

As for any service, gratuities are appreciated by our caregivers.  Not all of our clients offer a gratuity, but most do, and the caregivers are very grateful.

Can your caregiver take my child off site for an excursion?

We are happy to take your child around the vicinity of the hotel on foot, and if you would like to provide public transportation, we can visit Balboa Park, Sea World, Legoland, and other area attractions.

If a caregiver is asked to drive a child in her car, a special release form is required.  Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to make this request.  Mileage reimbursement is 57 cents per mile.  Any admission and parking charges are also client responsibility.

What will your caregiver do after my child goes to sleep?

After bedtime, our caregiver will watch over your child in the hotel room, quietly waiting for your return.  Often our caregivers bring homework, books, tablets, and smart phones to keep busy.  We always lower the lights in the room to make sure your child has uninterrupted sleep.

Our caregivers should not be asked to wait in the hotel suite bathroom or outside the door in the hallway.

Our family is Jewish and we observe the Sabbath and Holy Days. How can we pay you?

Please prepare the payment in an envelope ahead of time and let us know where it will be in the room so that the caregiver can find it at the end of each time of service.  Some families like to leave the payment at the front desk of the hotel, as an alternative.

Can I interview my sitter ahead of time?

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to leave your child with someone you have never met before. While it is not possible to have caregivers meet families ahead of time, we always provide a photo and short bio of your caregiver so that you know who to expect. In some cases, families have asked that we have the caregiver call ahead of time, and we can arrange that, as well.

If I need another evening of childcare, can I arrange directly with my sitter?

Yes, that’s the easy and practical way to do it, if she is available.  Please let our office know, though, by sending us a text.

Are you able to provide care for children with special needs?

Most often, yes!  Please just give us sufficient notice so that we can locate a caregiver who is experienced with special needs.  Any details you can give us ahead of time will be helpful in choosing the best caregiver for your family.

For medical needs, we can refer you to a San Diego nursing agency.

I'm traveling with my elderly parent/grandparent. Can you provide elder care in our hotel?

In most cases, we are happy to provide a companion for an older adult.  Please let us know well ahead of time, if possible, so that we can choose the best caregiver for your family.  If there are major medical needs (transferring, diapering, etc.), it would be best to contact a nursing service.

Are your caregivers experienced with food allergies? Can they use an EpiPen?

Our caregivers are instructed in the severity and seriousness of food allergies, and we provide our caregivers with a training video on EpiPen use.  Please let us know the specifics of your child’s allergies so that we can pass on this information to your caregiver.

What payment forms do you accept?

In hotels, we request cash payment.  For private residences, a personal check is acceptable.

Can your caregivers stay overnight? If so, is there a rate reduction?

For overnight care, we require advance notice, and a bed must be available for our caregiver.  For reservations of this type, we charge for the first four hours at the regular rate and up to eight hours of “sleeping time” at a half-rate.

For weekends away, etc., we can arrange a 24-hour rate.

Rates & Policies


$20 for 1-2 children
$22 for 3-4 children


$25 for up to 4 children

(age restrictions may apply)


Cash payment
Four-hour minimum
Parking, booking, or transportation charges may apply
Caregivers gratefully accept gratuities


We require three hours notice for cancellations.  Cancellations within three hours of the requested start time will be billed $25.00.  Cancellations within one hour of the start time will be billed the full four-hour minimum.

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