• (herein referred to as client)
  • Terms of Agreement

    Client agrees to complete a contract with nanny before the start of employment, detailing payment arrangements and duties.

    Client agrees not to employ any nanny referred by Marion’s Childcare until all fees are paid. In the event client fails to pay fees when due, client agrees to pay all costs incurred by Marion’s Childcare in collection, including reasonable attorney fees, all court costs involved, and any interest accumulated.

    If either client or nanny terminates employment within six months of employee’s start date, Marion’s Childcare will find a suitable replacement at no additional cost to client or will refund the placement fee on a prorated schedule according to the number of months (of six) the nanny was employed.

    Marion’s Childcare shall screen applicants and provide client with nannies who meet the standards established by client. The decision to hire a nanny rests solely with the client.

    Marion’s Childcare makes no warranties as to the abilities or character of any nanny. Client agrees that no liabilities will be held by Marion’s Childcare and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Marion’s Childcare now and at any future time arising from acts or omissions of any nanny referred to client by Marion’s Childcare. Client agrees that Marion’s Childcare is a referral service only and is not a party to any agreement entered into between client and nanny.

    Client has read and understands the above agreement and has a copy for his/her records.
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