In Room Activity by Katherine Denny

In Room Activity by Katherine Denny

As we all know, Pinterest never falls short for ideas and inspiration. Masking tape race track was an activity I stumbled upon while pinterest-ing indoor activities for children. This is a great activity for hotel rooms or rainy days! It is so fun for kids of multiple ages. It is so easy for care givers to set up in a quick minute and the supplies are so simple to throw in that infamous “Mary Poppins” bag of magic we bring with us to our jobs. I have set up masking tape race track in hotel rooms, living rooms and patios for kids of all ages and they are able to use their imagination for hours. All you need to set up is masking or painters tape and a little car, truck or train that kids can use to drive on it (most of the time the little ones have their favorite 4 wheel toy with them).

How To: I set up two lines of tape parallel to one another as the road and the little ones use their cars to drive on it. You can get as creative as you want and cater your track to the age range you are with. Best of all- easy clean up. They tape peels right up off the carpet or hard wood floors. Kids love this activity and parents always give me kudos for the idea. They often wonder why they had never thought of it before.

This is a winning activity to keep in your bag of tricks whether you are a caregiver, mom, grandma, or the fun aunt.  Tape, and a Hot Wheels car is all you need to make a fun speedway for the kids in your care.

To give you some more inspiration, here’s a Pinterest link to 66 of the best tracks we could find.


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