In Room Activity – by Molly Raymond

In Room Activity  – by Molly Raymond

DIY Car Garage

So, you are hanging out in a hotel room with an active toddler, and the both of you are growing antsy.  I was taking care of this sweet little 2 year old that was absolutely obsessed with cars. He kept all of his cars in a plastic bag that was ripping at the seams,  and some of the cars were falling out.

The next day when I went back to take care of him, I decided to bring him an empty shoe box with markers, crayons and other supplies, and we ended up making a diy car garage for Max.  Not only did we get to spend lots of creative brain time on this project, we also made him a sturdier carrying case for his cars.  And the best part about the Car Garage, is that when it gets destroyed, he and Mom or Dad can make a new one.  It is light weight but sturdy for traveling families, but something that can be disposed of when it gets too damaged by an active toddler.  Anyone can make this as simple, or complicated as they want.  We kept it simple and just colored the box with washable markers, and Max was thrilled.  His mom and dad were pretty happy with our creativity as well.  It’s a win win.


Here’s a Pinterest link with lots of creative ways to make your own DIY Car Garage for your own kiddos, or a child in your care.

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