Room on the Broom Book Review

Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom Book Review – by Marion’s Childcare

There is a happy witch, with ginger hair, a red top, and a purple skirt.  She flies through the night, gathering help from friends, who simply ask, “Is there room on the broom?”  This is a sweet story about a witch who finds help in unexpected ways from unexpected friends.  It is a great way to teach young ones about being a good friend by sharing, making space for each other, and being helpful.   The book is told in a fun, engaging rhyme style that will hold the attention of most elementary school aged kiddos.

Now…there is a dragon, who tries to eat the witch, but he is thwarted by all the friends the happy witch has collected.   He is drawn in a cartoon manner, and is not scary for little ones.  It does bring a little bit of drama to the story, and will delight any young boy because dragons, of course.  The dragon is the bully in the story, and the witches friends come to her rescue and save the day.  It is endearing and sweetly told.  We purposely picked a story that lent itself to the Halloween season, without being too scary, or too heavy on goblins and ghouls aspect.  It is a refreshing twist on a typical folktale.

We have even found a great read aloud, so you can preview the story before you purchase to make sure it is age appropriate for your children.  It is recommended for ages 4-8.

Read Aloud for Room on the Broom

Here also is a purchase link, if you simply can’t wait to get your hands on this book for your kiddo.  Read it aloud to your child, and then when you’ve read it 3 or 7 more times, click on the YouTube link and let the lovely British Julia Donaldson take a turn.  Aren’t we thankful for technology?  🙂

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