Beauty and the Beast Review

A fantastic movie, but for what audience?

A Tale as Old as Time

…Song as old as rhyme masterpiece. Beauty and the Beast delivered a spectacular performance full of Disney magic and wondrous inspiration. The mesmerizing colors and captivating songs charmed even the most faithful to the animated 1991 version. The question is, what age is suitable for viewing this movie?

I was a 1995 baby, meaning I was right in the thick of the Disney Princess craze. I remember Beauty and the Beast as being a little scary during the wolf sequences and attempting to cover my eyes during the moment the Beast finds Belle in the West Wing. It’s an understatement to say that Disney cranked up the volume on the live action movie. Here I am, going on 22 and there were several moments that made me jump. The movie added a couple scenes which I felt added great depth to the story, but this also truly played up the climactic ending.

The brutish Gaston was created to be a much more vicious character than his former animated self. This villain significantly adds an element of terror and contributes to the overall intensity of the film. Added on scenes show Gaston leaving Maurice for dead after he punches him in the forest and the finale is a brutal showdown between Gaston and the Beast; Gaston shoots the Beast three times with a gun.

Disney aimed to make a film that all ages could enjoy, but in my opinion tailored it a bit more to an adult audience. I would recommend that around seven to eight years old is the cutoff for viewing this film. Overall, I adored this movie and would recommend it to any adult looking for a great time, but would caution against bringing young children.




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Samantha Jones

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