Caregiver Spotlight: Cheri

Our open book who loves spending time with those who matter and whose next stop is Ireland

This is Cheri!

Cheri has always loved working with children. She has six years of experience working in a classroom setting and more than 15 years of babysitting experience. Cheri has also worked as a nanny for two wonderful families. She has a BA in human development and a teaching credential and Masters in digital learning and education. She is a great childcare provider because she has the knowledge and experience… but, what makes a great child care provider is a love for children and Cheri has that in spades

Q1: Please tell us your name and how long have you been a part of Marion’s Childcare?

My name is Cheri and I joined Marion’s 3 and a half years ago.

 Q2: What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend as much time as possible with my husband, play with my dog and snuggle with my gato.

 Q3: Where’s the next stop on your travel bucket list?

We just got back from Hawaii, so maybe something different, like Ireland.

 Q4: Please tell us about 3 accomplishments that you are proud of:

My first and second accomplishments that I am proud of are almost the same, when I was a little girl I was diagnosed with a learning disability that impacted my ability to read and write, my teacher told my parents that they would be surprised if I graduated high school, by the grace of God, firm support of my parents, perseverance and many tears I not only graduated high school, but I took a BA in Human Development and a Master’s in Education. I’m still working on #3 🙂

 Q5: If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?

I know this sounds kind of strange, but I think it would be good to experience the life of someone with a disability or someone living in a truly hard situation. It would help me to better understand their struggles and be more sympathetic to their needs. I think if I were to switch places with someone with more money, power or ability it might lead me to be less satisfied with what I have been given rather than provide enlightenment.

 Q6: Favorite food? Least favorite food?

My favorite food really depends on the day… Mexican, Thai, Indian, Greek, Korean, I love it all… oh, except kimchi, I cannot wrap my brain around it, I know it’s supposed to be really good for you, but I just can’t do it… Then again, my father-in-law made this rice dish with kimchi in it and didn’t tell me. It was one of the indigence until after and I LOVED it.

Q7: What children’s character do you relate to the most and why?

Lucy from Chronicles of Narnia or Anne of Green Gables, they both approach the world with a sense of wonder and seek truth and beauty with an open heart.

Q8: What is your favorite movie genre?

I enjoy lots of different kinds of movies, the common theme among the movies I like is usual a light hearted feeling, good triumphing, and a sense of hope

Q9: If your friends could define you in 3 words, what would they say?

Loyal, kind and snuggly

Q10: People would be surprised if they knew:

That is a very good question, I’m a pretty open book.

Thank you Cheri for making our team so strong!

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