Jenga – Toy Review by Paulina Vazquez

We love when our caregivers submit a tried and true Toy Review.  It helps all of our caregivers get better at their job.  We publish these reviews, books, games and the like, so parents, sitters, teachers can all learn and get better at serving the children we are fortunate to be around.

Jenga – Toy Review by Paulina Vazquez

Jenga is a really versatile game.  This is a great item to have in your babysitting toy box. I would usually bring it on jobs with its intended age 6 and up. But at many jobs with younger siblings, I have found that the younger kids love to use them as building blocks as well! So it is a very worthwhile game to bring along. The blocks are big enough that they aren’t a chocking hazard (although of course you should always keep an eye on what toddlers put in their mouths!). I love the versatility and the space I save in my toy bag for other toys. It’s fun for adults as well so you can enjoy with family and friends. I think this is a hit from ages 3-12, and up!

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