Wind Song in Seaport Village

Wind Song Seaport Village

Out-and-About Activity By Caregiver Molly Raymond

If you happen to be providing childcare for one of the hotels along the waterfront next to Seaport Village, Wind Song San Diego, is a great place to visit on your walk. Wind Song is a small boutique selling wind chimes, mobiles & whimsical garden decor, including bird feeders & fountains. They allow the children to explore, touch, bang and have fun with all the wind chimes, noise makers etc. It really is a great activity!  It kept the children I was sitting for happy and entertained for over an hour.  This is a great caregiver activity for toddlers and up, but if you are visiting San Diego, it’s a great activity for the whole family as well!

Wind Song also has an online store for wind chimes, birdhouses, fountains, wind bells, gongs, and wind spinners. They have a large selection of high quality and unusual items, all of which can be shipped direct to you anywhere in the USA.

Visit Wind Song located in SeaPort Village or online.

**Caregivers: Please make sure the parents allow you to take the children out of the room before you head out on any outside activity.



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