Babysitting at the Sheraton San Diego

We spent four nights in San Diego for a seminar and we brought our nine-year-old, super-energetic daughter with us. We found Marion’s Childcare online and after reading about a young woman named Abigail L we decided to book her for the three days. We are extremely happy that we did, as our daughter had the best time with Abigail.  They played for hours in the hotel pool, and Abigail kept up with our daughter’s high energy throughout the day.  I strongly recommend Abigail for anyone, as she was able to easily connect with our child and put her first. As far as I know, by recall from my daughter, Abigail did not spend time on her phone or laptop/tv but rather focused on making our daughter’s stay very pleasant and active.  We will, most likely, come back next year, and we hope Abigail stays with Marion’s Childcare.  Thank you.  

Karl-Arne K

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