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Such a blessing to us!

Caprice was such a blessing to us. We traveled from Virginia for a conference for my husbands work and we had a few events that we had to go to that our 13 month old daughter wasn’t able to go to and we had a really hard time trying to decide if I should just stay with her or get a sitter. We haven’t left her alone with really anyone and we were really nervous traveling across the country and leaving her with someone we didn’t know. But we couldn’t of been happier. Caprice just clicked with Chloe. She immediately started playing with Chloe and really took the time to get to know her routines and what all she needed while we were gone. Chloe just loved her and didn’t cry one bit while I was away. Caprice took her for walks and even had her asleep when we got back. We were so pleased with Caprice the first night we asked for her a second night! And even after a long day of working she made herself available for us! We loved having her there and wish we could bring her home with us to Virginia! Thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts!! We were able to enjoy our time without any concerns about our daughter, we knew she was in good hands!! It’s not even possible for us to thank her enough! She was truly a gift from God! Thank you!

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